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Vikas Chauhan

Student, Indore, 28 years old

"He is a very knowledgeable person & good command of his subject. His content delivery method is very well. He is a very humble person."

Susanta Das

Student, Mumbai, 26 years old

"He provides both a great mix of listening, speaking and practical learning activities and a very safe, supportive learning environment..."

Ravinder Jindal

Parent, Singapore

"Siddharth is a fantastic English teacher who really goes out of the way to deliver learning goals for his students. He is teaching my kids and they truly enjoy his classes. I can clearly see huge progress. We are so lucky to have him.”

Gaurav Mittal

Parent, Auckland, New Zealand

"I have observed Siddharth teaching skills and I found them very appropriate for my child, an 8 year old kid. Siddharth is also very punctual and he always make the communication very clear as we are doing online classes so sound communication is always needed. I would recommend him as a teacher for an online and offline platform."

Shashwat Jaiswal

Student, Indore, 16 years old

"My tutor was very thorough and took careful measures in helping me get better at English by focusing on my shortcomings."
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