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My Studies

School of Inspired Leadership

2014 -2015

Some years after college, I joined a specialised Masters program in order to round off my education. I continued the trend which had become part of my academic career of being part of the Editorial Board of the institution's magazine while also joining the Debating Society.

Christ University

2009 - 2013

I was part of the football team and the Editorial Board of the institution's magazine at college too. In addition, I joined the Quiz Club and Debating Society at college. And I was Class Representative (twice).

The Shri Ram School - Aravali

2003 - 2009

I was a Science student at school, with my specific subjects being Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Computer Applications. I played a lot of football at school, representing both my house and the school in a few tournaments. I was also part of the Editorial Board for the school magazine.

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