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My Work Ethic

In my classes, I strive to create a learning experience that is engaging, informative and enjoyable. While I  believe thoroughly in the importance of professionalism, I believe that a little informality, humour and a personal touch are crucial to establishing healthy working relationships with students and, where applicable, their parents.

I usually charge by the hour and am always glad to extend classes by up 20 mins at no extra charge. I also believe in flexibility, so I only charge if a particular class is taken and completed. Cancelled classes are non-chargeable, regardless of whether it is I who cancels or the student.

My Teaching Methodology

When it comes to teaching English Literature, I generally follow the curricula and textbooks prescribed by the school and by schoolteachers before I do anything else. I then gradually start introducing content from my own notes in order to supplement my students' learning.


For English Language, it depends on who the student is and what his or her learning goals are. If it's a high school student, I do the same as with English Literature. However, if it's a working professional or an ordinary person who's simply looking to improve their Spoken English and Communication Skills, I start out with an assessment to understand their current capabilities. Depending upon the results, I either follow the course patterns of internationally recognized bodies like Cambridge or the IELTS, or I start them out on a course I've designed myself, and then customize it to suit their learning needs.

One other thing I do during my classes, for both Language and Literature is to incorporate content from the internet into my classes from time to time as I find it is useful in adding to the knowledge I pass on to the students and making their understanding of the subject matter more complete.

Demo Videos

Introduction to IB - English

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